About us


It all started in 2013 what was meant to be a one-off outdoor summer party get together an idea created by Richard Campion proprietor of the
S Fest over a few beers at the local Stourport boat Club.
He knew of some great local bands and 1 from Stoke on Trent and so the planning started. We charge £7.50 per ticket helping to create some revenue for the Boat Club as they relied mainly on local support to keep the club running. For us if we met our cost all was good.

There was such a great response from the town in support of the music event and amazing community effort, with local business owners Justin and Fiona Gray Concept Furniture supplying all the outdoor furniture, lighting, stage and just about everything we needed. The local community came together helping to set up marquees and securing fencing etc.
We had approximately 700 local people through the gate that day more than we could have imagined it excelled our expectations.

But It Didn't Stop There!

What turned out to be a fantastic day and night led on to being asked by hundreds of people and the Boat Club to put another event on the following year.
With numbers growing eventually we outgrew the Boat Club and moved the S Fest to the Swifts Football Ground we had 4 great years there until hit by Covid 2020-2021.

This could not have happened without the help from our lovely community!